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And the winners of our Christmas competition are : 

Gillian Findlay - for her camels that move around the room all Christmas, finally making it to the crib in time for Epiphany.

Lynne Jury Newton - for her 'lick my bauble' game!

Carol Jukes - for the longest standing Christmas scented narcissi tradition dating back to 1940’s and still going strong.

Rosalind Patching - for the best written entry that made us all laugh with her, ‘event of misery’. 

Jenni Owen - for memories of her mum's generosity and knitted Christmas characters.

Our Christmas traditions competition has now closed. Thanks to everybody who took part it was great fun reading about your crazy, cute and cosy traditions. 

A farm tea-break chat led us all to believe that the people we work with (and their families) are, in some little ways, rather odd.
The meaningful question that sparked such debate...?

‘What does your family do at Christmas?’

After the obvious – excess food, snoring relatives and Brussel sprouts – yea or nay?

– we uncovered some odd traditions.

You might have created your own tradition – for many, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a delivery of Scilly scented narcissi.

If you have a Christmas tradition that would raise a smile or at least a perplexed sideways glance, please share – pictorial evidence welcome.

We were running a competition to win flowers for sharing your traditions with us but this has now finished. However if you want to share just for fun of course we'd love to hear from you. 

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Scroll down to see some traditions that people have shared with us...

cremola fairy frame.jpg

It might raise a smile that my Christmas decorations are still kept in the same wooden box that they were kept in when I was a child! The box is around 1943, and originally contained Cremola Custard Powder! The only original survivor is a “Rosebud Doll” dressed as a fairy by my Mum all those years ago!

dog frame.jpg

Every Christmas we try and get the dog to sit still and take a festive shot which we can use in out home made calendars for the December page. In 2016 “Wuffa” posed nicely…hope we can get him to do so as well in 2017.

We don’t make him wear antlers or a silly hat but he does not seem to mind a suitable ribbon bow in place of his usual collar…

He looks as though he has spotted an aerial angel…in fact it was a piece of turkey.

knited frame.jpg

Until she was 85 my wonderful mother ( now 87) cooked a full Christmas dinner for 30+ "old " people at a drop in centre in Repton Derbyshire. She only stopped cooking when her hands could no longer lift the heavy pans.

As a table decoration and to sit on top of the all important after dinner mint she would also knit 30+ Christmas characters. One year a snowman, the next Father Christmas himself ..etc etc 

pheasant frame.jpg

Who needs an angel on top of your Christmas tree when you can have a pheasant instead. Our tradition is that Mr Pheasant sits on top of the Christmas tree each year! 

scary deer frame.jpg

We didn't receive an explanation for this one other than 'this is how it's done in Wales'.... deer oh deer!

strawberry santa frame.jpg

Our Christmas tradition is to leave out mince pies and sherry for Santa and a carrot for his reindeer. We even make strawberry santas! Although, this year we might switch it around as Rudloph was a bit miffed last year, and was not satisfied with his carrot. 

fancy dress frame.jpg

We love to dress up in silly or should that be SCILLY disguises!

exmouth swimmers frame.jpg

Whoever comes to stay for Christmas Day (even the grandparents) all dress up and race their sleighs along the beach ( we never really get snow here). To 'cool' off we plunge into the ice waters and see who can stay in the longest! We then head home for some mulls wine, and a roaring log fire to warm up. 

groynes frame.jpg

Our family Christmas tradition is 'Jumping the Groynes'. Points are scored for height and style. This event takes place on Dawlish Warren beach in Devon and is undertaken by the more youthful members of the family on 26th December when we circumnavigate the Warren point in a mass family walk.

beach picnic frame.jpg

We have our 'Christmas Feast' on Christmas Eve and then weather permitting enjoy ‘Christmas in a bun’ on Pentewan beach on Christmas day with the spare Turkey, Sausages, stuffing and homemade Cranberry sauce. It’s accompanied by something fizzy of course! Missing from the photo as she took is Alice! 

shakespear frame.jpg

We’ll decorate anything that sits still long enough! Most importantly though, the first thing to get done is always the bust of Shakespeare! 

choir tape frame.jpg

My friends and family laugh but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without my St Winifred’s School Choir ‘Christmas for Everyone’ cassette. Unfortunately the cassette went missing a couple of years ago. This year I managed to buy the album on vinyl second hand! Looking forward to writing cards and wrapping presents listening to this.

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