We are back!

Thanks for bearing with us whilst we closed for a while.

As of the 26th of April we are more confident that the delivery networks we rely on are working reasonably well. Royal Mail is working really hard but with more post than normal to deliver as people shop from home, there are delays in some areas. We are therefore asking people to please wait a little longer for their flowers to be delivered. 

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What we're doing to keep our team safe? 

Current government advice is that businesses who have not been ordered to close and can follow the advice on hygiene and social distancing should continue to trade. All of our team can walk to work on our very empty road or on footpaths and we are not short of space in the farm sheds so we can space out. It would be very easy to become complacent on our little rock in the middle of the sea but we know at any moment the coronavirus might come to St Martin's so we're trying to do all the things we should to stay safe at work.

Some changes we have made to keep our team safe are:

All cleaning and hygiene routines have been evaluated and altered where necessary.

Regular hand washing is encouraged and reminders and advice are given.

Encouraging and facilitating colleagues to keep a distance of 2m apart and have spaced work stations accordingly. When this is not possible people are asked to severely limit the amount of time they spend in the proximity of less than 2m.

Staggering break times and unfortunately, the shared biscuit tin has had to go!

When brief meetings are needed these are being carried out either outside or in well-ventilated areas of the farm.

Postponing non-essential tasks that can't be done at a 2m distance.

Closing the farm to visitors.

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Let's share ideas  

If you are doing something in your workplace that you think would help our team or customers at this difficult time please do tell us.

email: info@scillyflowers.co.uk  

tel: 01720 422169 

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