Flower care

The flower care information given below applies to all the flowers we send. For specific advice please scroll further down the page to the relevant section.

Water - The flowers will become slightly dehydrated on their journey from the Isles of Scilly, but they will soon perk up when they are put in some water.

Trim - Please trim ½” (2cm) from the ends of the stems and the foliage using a sharp knife or good scissors. This will enable the flowers to take up water.

Feed - Dissolve the flower food supplied in fresh water.

Keeping the flowers clean - Always use a thoroughly cleaned vase and avoid using metal containers as they neutralise the effect of the flower food.

Help! - Remove any foliage below the water line in the vase and don’t display the flowers close to fruit or any sources of heat.

Refresh - Never let the water in the vase go cloudy and keep the water topped up. To refresh the flowers, re-cut the stems and replace water.

 Scented Narcissi our winter crop 

Scented narcissi appreciate a cool, fresh atmosphere- try to avoid extremes of temperature and draughts.

Narcissi will bring you a breath of spring but you must not expect them to last for a very long time.

 Scented Pinks our summer crop

It is particularly important that the stems are trimmed well or they will not be able to take up any water and will then not open. 

Mixed Bouquets

Different flowers have different vase lives so as the more delicate blooms go past their best it is wise to remove them from the arrangement and allow those flowers that arrived in bud to open fully.

Lily pollen can stain so as the flowers open up it is best to remove the pollen bearing stamens.

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