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Wild flower competition

23/04/2013: Wild flower competition

...we would love to see the wild flowers growing in your area...


18/04/2013: Seasalt

Last September some of our friends from the Seasalt team made the trip to St. Martin’s to use the island as the location for their Summer 2013 photo shoot...

Pinks peeking out

09/04/2013: Pinks peeking out

Our pinks are desperately making the most of the odd warm and sunny day we have had on St. Martin’s...

Front page of the Western Morning News

09/04/2013: Front page of the Western Morning News

Front page of the Western Morning News today our flowers (and children!)

Inspiration from top florist Paula Pryke

09/04/2013: Inspiration from top florist Paula Pryke

Top florist Paula Pryke, who loves to use British flowers, asked if she could use our Scented Narcissi ...

A visit from photographer Howard Sooley

09/04/2013: A visit from photographer Howard Sooley

This weekend we had the pleasure of meeting photographer Howard Sooley...

Moustache cup cakes (it's a long story!)

09/04/2013: Moustache cup cakes (it's a long story!)

Zoe made some impressive looking moustache cup cakes...

Swimming Scented Narcissi

09/04/2013: Swimming Scented Narcissi

....We didn't think picking from a canoe was practical....

Our 20 lucky competition winners

16/01/2013: Our 20 lucky competition winners

Before Christmas we ran a special competition to celebrate our 20th year of sending postal flowers.

Scented Narcissi posted

20/12/2012: Scented Narcissi posted

All of your Christmas flowers have left the Islands and are on their way to the mainland - Thank you for your orders.

Churchtown on air

12/11/2012: Churchtown on air

Listen again to Ben and Zoe being interviewed on Radio 4....

Neil's first day

08/11/2012: Neil's first day

We were pleased to give Neil a warm welcome on Monday...

I O S Vet Support Group

24/09/2012: I O S Vet Support Group

The Isles of Scilly Veterinary Support Group was set up in 2007 with the basic aim of mirroring as closely as possible the facilities available to a vet in a rural mainland practice....

Olympic fever

23/08/2012: Olympic fever

Being 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall we weren’t exactly feeling part of the Olympic excitement....

Half way through our summer giveaway…

25/07/2012: Half way through our summer giveaway…

To celebrate 20 years of sending flowers by post we are giving flowers away for FREE for 20 weeks....

Shelter Box

08/07/2012: Shelter Box

Shelter Box is a Cornish based charity that provides emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families in the immediate aftermath of a disaster...

Farewell Will!

29/06/2012: Farewell Will!

This week we have said farewell to Will, our shed manager. Will has been at the farm for 17 years....

Eden project comes to Churchtown

28/06/2012: Eden project comes to Churchtown

This week we have been joined on the farm by Gill Cartwright from the Eden Project.

An island wedding

06/06/2012: An island wedding

On the 26th May we celebrated the much anticipated wedding of Ruth and Warren Neill....

World Gig Championships 2012

04/05/2012: World Gig Championships 2012

Well it’s that time of year again, the time when we realise maybe we should have trained a little harder!...

Beach cows

27/04/2012: Beach cows

This afternoon the weather was beautiful so we though the cows might like to go to the beach - not really....

Celebrating Easter in German style!

29/03/2012: Celebrating Easter in German style!

A few weeks ago we had a visit from German weekly women’s magazine Bila de Frau....

Mother's Day flowers

15/03/2012: Mother's Day flowers

It was really calm and still early this morning ....

Mid Atlantic Valentine

22/02/2012: Mid Atlantic Valentine

This Valentine's day we were a little shocked, but mostly touched when we received an email order via satellite phone from rower .....

Becky jumps for charity!

10/02/2012: Becky jumps for charity!

Becky our Marketing Assistant jumps for charity.....

From Scilly to Shetland

27/01/2012: From Scilly to Shetland

The Royal Mail recently contacted us to ask if they could track one of our boxes of Scented Narcissi as far North as possible...

Narcissi volumes exceeding expectations

24/01/2012: Narcissi volumes exceeding expectations

The volume of narcissi coming in from the fields is exceeding all of our expectations!..

Christmas flowers on boat

18/12/2011: Christmas flowers on boat

We were up bright and early yesterday morning to make sure your Christmas flowers left the islands on time.

1 million flower boxes

11/12/2011: 1 million flower boxes

We have just taken our 1 000 000 th order - yippy!!

St. Martin's fireworks display- better late than never!

14/11/2011: St. Martin's fireworks display- better late than never!

Despite predictions of strong gales, St. Martin’s firework display went off with a big bang this weekend! ...

The day finally arrives!

17/10/2011: The day finally arrives!

The day finally arrived for Ella our Office Supervisor to tie the knot.....

Scented Narcissi this early!

06/10/2011: Scented Narcissi this early!

In fact the very first of this seasons crop of Scented Narcissi was picked by Scilly flower farmers as early as September.

Adios amigos!

15/09/2011: Adios amigos!

We are very sad to say a fond farewell to two of our staff this week....

Success at St. Martin's fete!

24/08/2011: Success at St. Martin's fete!

Earlier this month the annual St. Martin’s Fete was held on the cricket green, luckily we were blessed with sunshine......

Rain brings wedding celebrations to Churchtown

01/08/2011: Rain brings wedding celebrations to Churchtown

Big congratulations to Will, our shed manager, and Morag who tied the knot last Thursday!...

Scilly flowers on board HMS Ocean!

26/07/2011: Scilly flowers on board HMS Ocean!

A few weeks ago a customer popped in to see us at the farm office and had a rather unusual request....

Mrs Lyons visits Churchtown Farm!

18/07/2011: Mrs Lyons visits Churchtown Farm!

Ben and Zoe may be off for their second appointment with the Queen at one of her garden parties, but here at the farm we were graced with a visit from Mrs Lyons!.....

Big Green Box week

18/06/2011: Big Green Box week

Following the success we has last year we are once again taking part in Big Green Box week....

Triathlon success!

11/06/2011: Triathlon success!

Our Farm Foreman Jon took on the challenge of taking part in the Tesco Triathlon this weekend....

Royal knees up!

03/06/2011: Royal knees up! was revealed the Queen was making a visit to Scilly....

R.I.P Tean

30/05/2011: R.I.P Tean

We were very sad to say good-bye to Tean....

A new look for spring

05/04/2011: A new look for spring

To welcome in spring we have freshened up our packaging......

St. Martin's buttercup

21/03/2011: St. Martin's buttercup

An exciting discovery was made.......

Early spring calf

20/02/2011: Early spring calf

This morning Lily joined our herd of Ruby Red cows......

Top 50 florists

17/02/2011: Top 50 florists

We are very proud to have been listed....

Narcissi makes you younger

03/02/2011: Narcissi makes you younger

Neils Yard Remedies have just launched a new anti-aging skin care product.....

Congratulations Will and Morag

11/12/2010: Congratulations Will and Morag

Congratulations Will and Morag on the birth of Jessica.....

Cows and Round Island

19/11/2010: Cows and Round Island

We love this picture....

A Scilly mission

10/08/2010: A Scilly mission

Churchtown Farm are helping to sponsor three island boys......

Churchtown Farm new arrivals

09/08/2010: Churchtown Farm new arrivals

Over the last month we have taken delivery of four Red Ruby Devon Cattle.....

Over £500 for Shelter Box's Big Green Box Week

22/06/2010: Over £500 for Shelter Box's Big Green Box Week

Shelter Box is a charity based in Helston, Cornwall......

Gig World Champs

30/04/2010: Gig World Champs

Half the team at the farm are looking nervously at the weather and the sea state and wondering how much pasta to pack into their tummies.....

Giant narcissi

05/02/2010: Giant narcissi

Honestly this is not a trick photo....

Rosevine- spring special offer

08/01/2010: Rosevine- spring special offer

Really we should be encouraging you to come and stay on the Isles of Scilly but we have to let you know about a great place to stay in Cornwall.....

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