FAQ about our bespoke subscription service

What flowers will be in my subscription?

From October-Easter we send scented narcissi, from May-September we send scented pinks. In the gaps in between these seasons we send a mixture of other flowers, some grown on Scilly and others not.

How much does a subscription cost?

The price will be the price of the pack you choose multiplied by the number of deliveries. 

Can I pay for my subscription upfront?

Yes of course. We're happy for you to pay in one go or as the flowers are sent out if you prefer to spread the cost. Most importantly, unlike some other subscription services, we will never ask you to set up an open ended payment method such as a direct debit.

What is bespoke about it?

You can set it up just to suit you in terms of the time interval between deliveries, how long it runs, how many flowers are sent, if you want a letter explaining the whole gift or not and you or the recipient can get in touch to pause it, for example, if a holiday comes along.

How does my friend know how long it runs for?

We can send a letter by post or email before the first delivery of flowers or in with the first box of flowers explaining the gift. Please make sure to tell us if you want this as we won't assume you do. An example of the letter can be found on the Subscription page. 

How can I set up a subscription, it isn't in the website shop? 

Because it is bespoke we need to set it up to really suit you. The best way to do this is to fill in the form on our Subscription page and we will get back in touch and take it from there. 

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