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Our 1,500,000 milestone!
29th August 2017

After spending the weekend number watching we finally reached our 1.5 millionth order!
There was much excitement in the office as to who was going to take this magic order, the honor went to Geoff. Thank you to all our loyal fans and customers who have supported us over the years!


Treasure in the fields
14th August 2017

The outside boys have been making lots of interesting finds in the fields this month. So far they have found some pieces of eight, what we believe to be the handle of a musket, an old coin and a small ceramic pot thingy which we can't quite decide what it is! Feel free to get in touch if you have any ideas! These treasures make a change from the usual clay pipes and limpet shells which were brought into the fields from the sea when farmers used to bring up large quantities of seaweed to enrich the soil.


Our scented pinks are here!
22nd June 2017

It may have taken us a bit longer than we were hoping but we are finally sending gorgeous boxes of our scented pinks. After all the stunning hot weather we have been having recently the pinks are flourishing and our pickers are being kept very busy indeed! 

old site   3300.jpg

Brand NEW website 
22nd May 2017

Drum roll please .............. We are proud to announce the arrival of our new website.  It has been quite a lengthy process but we have finally got there.  We hope you like it, it is a bit easier on the eye than our last site and it works a lot better on tablets and mobiles so you can order flowers easily whenever you choose.

No doubt there will be a few teething issues so if you find any problems please let us know - 01720 422169

We have nearly started picking scented pinks
14th May 2017

Nearly but not quite! After glorious weather at Easter we thought we would be ahead of the game this year but the wind changed direction and the chilly air has rather slowed down the progress of our summer crop.  We hope to be picking enough scented pinks by the 1st week in June - fingers crossed! 

On Friday 2nd September we were the proud and very excited hosts of some very special guests - William & Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

In the days leading up to our visit, the farm was given a thorough once over by the police and sniffer dogs who even checked our boxes of ribbons for anything suspicious!

On the big day we woke up to thick sea-fog and resigned ourselves to the fact that our VIP visitors wouldn't be able to make it.


This week we have been mostly ... planting scented pinks!! 


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