More environmentally friendly flowers - November 2018

Plastic Free Packaging

Living somewhere as beautiful, but also as fragile, as the Isles of Scilly makes us very aware of local environmental issues, but sometimes it’s easy to forget to look beyond the horizon. Like lots of people, we’ve been taken over that horizon and inspired to think by the BBC’s wonderful Blue Planet series. Why are we sending our flowers in plastic sleeves?

This wasn’t a new question. We investigated alternatives a few years ago, but were frustrated by lack of choice and the questionable environmental credentials of biodegradable plastics. Now, things are going to change. As ever, the simplest plan is often the best and credit for this one must go to our production manager, Neil. It’s not quite ready yet, but you will start to see our new packaging being rolled out over the summer months. If you receive a sleeveless box please do tell us what you think any feedback, good or bad, would be very welcome

We’re not about to make unrealistic claims of being ‘totally plastic free’, as the flower food sachet is plastic to protect the powder from moisture there are alternatives on the market but we are yet to be convinced of their environmental credentials. Also we do use some single use plastics in the production of our flowers. On top of that we would have a job persuading our pickers to part with their plastic wellies and waterproofs! But we're seriously committed to making changes that will lead us towards being free of unnecessary plastics.

The whole plastic issue is a very complex conundrum and it is very easy for businesses (and individuals) to be tripped up by poor information and not make the right choice.  It was very refreshing to hear Guy Watson, a farmer I greatly admire, talking so openly on BBC Radio 4's Plastic Fantastic series about the difficult decisions around plastics his family business, Riverford Organic, have made. It is a very interesting programme, click here to listen.  

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