Bespoke gift subscriptions of Scilly flowers

A gift subscription is perfect if you want ....

... to give a larger gift without overwhelming your friend with too many flowers all at once. 

... someone to keep receiving a special gift over a period of time, maybe to mark a big event.

... to make sure a friend has a regular supply of scented flowers. 

Scilly Flowers scented flowers from the Isles of Scilly scented narcissi scented pinks

Flexible to make it just right for you

You can choose the:

- total number of gift boxes.

- time between each delivery.

- and number of flowers sent.

You can even arrange for the gift to be stopped to allow for holidays.

You can set up a subscription by calling the farm during office hours on 01720 422169 or just fill in the form below, taking care to provide accurate contact details. We will be in touch shortly to confirm the details of your order and arrange payment.

Don't worry if you are not sure about some of the questions, just leave them blank we will sort the details out with you later.

For information about the sizes of gift boxes available, take a look at our shop here.

You can contact us at any time before the flowers are sent to alter the details of your order.

If you would like a gift letter from us explaining the present please let us know, we won't automatically send one. We can email it to you so you can print it out or we can put it in the post. A letter can be useful if you want to give it as a gift before the first delivery of flowers is due to arrive.

If you need more information please get in touch or visit our Subscription FAQ page.

Isles of Scilly scented narcissi subscription letter
Gift letter example
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Thank you - we will be in touch shortly to confirm the details of your order and arrange payment.

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