Scilly Flowers farm video - come and watch what we do

Our farm video

Watch how we pick, pack and post your flowers

Shot in February this short video hopefully gives you a real feel of where your flowers come from and the magic that is the Isles of Scilly. It was filmed in the winter so you can see St Martin's at peak flower season and not the more frequently seen, peak visitor season. 

All our flowers are grown in small traditional fields, without additional heat and light. This combined with the fact that they are delivered direct from where they are grown in packaging designed to minimise plastic waste means they're a very thoughtful and sustainable gift. In fact we can't think of many floral gifts with a lower carbon footprint.     

Vintage Churchtown Farm

This is our original farm video, shot back in 2004. Some things change, some things don't!.

Our first farm video

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