Scilly Flowers pinks help to win GOLD at Chelsea - May 2018

Churchtown Farm Chelsea Flower Show

Over the years we've been invited to get involved with the famous Chelsea Flower Show in various ways, but have never felt able to say, ‘yes’. The big problem is timing. As we don’t use any artificial light or heat, mid-May is just a little early for us to guarantee an abundance of our scented pinks. But this year we teamed up with a bunch of other growers through ‘Flowers from the Farm’, who created a Gold medal winning display showcasing the beautiful variety of flowers that British growers produce. 

Flowers From The Farm, is a membership group of UK flower growers both big and small from across the UK. It was set up by a wonderful lady, Gill Hodgson who has done wonders to promote and support flower growers and promote British flowers.  

The Chelsea display was an amazing team effort with flowers coming from all over the country.  Hats off to the team on the ground who pulled it all together. Their challenging task of organising all of us growers was magnified by the cold spring weather.  Growers who had pledged flowers with all good intention struggled to produce the quantity and quality needed and the creative team had to be rather fluid in their planning. So it is all the more amazing that the 'Going to Market', display was so magnificent and won a coveted gold medal. 

If you look really carefully you can spot our pinks poking out from beneath the driver's bottom! 

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