St Martin's Scilly - one island many hats

December 2019

To make life happen on a small island many people wear more than one hat and with no commute and few distractions, others develop their talents into useful side hustles. 

So that person who dealt with your order or picker your flowers might well have another life.  

The firefighters

Ben, the boss, and Jack, from the field team, practice every Tuesday, occasionally failing to resist the urge to use the nee-nahs on the fire tractor as they go past!

Island hall leader

Operations manager Neil is the brains and corralling force behind many a fundraising event as well as the go-to man to get anything hall related fixed.

Island barber

Dispatch supervisor Warren qualified last year and ever since there has been a noticeable step-up in the quality of personal grooming around here.

Head of the coastguard

Farm manager Jon heads up a team of eight (including Geoff the author) who hone their search and rescue skills, often by dangling off tall cliffs.

Community website organsier

Office manager Ruth keeps up to date and looking good. The go-to website for ANYthing you want to know about St Martin’s.


Florist Josie is using her sewing skills to set up a business making cute pants from organic cotton.

Brownie leader

Admin manager Jackie keeps Brownies going over the winter months when the girls can’t be with the pack on St Mary’s.


Geoff in the office team has just had his first book published! The Swordsman’s Lament by G.M. White. Find it on Amazon, it’s getting good reviews.

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