St Martin's summer fete

 Fete preparations

Preparations are under way for the St Martin's Island fete, which will take place on Saturday 21st July. There is a tried and tested formula for this annual extravaganza that, if the weather is kind, will see about 1000 locals and visitors visiting the fete at Pool Green to enjoy the fun at some point during the day.

St Martin's summer fete Scilly Isles

Pool Green is also the cricket pitch, just behind the dunes at Highertown. This year the green was flooded for months over the winter but it has made a remarkable recovery, its distinctive camomile scent is starting to waft on the breeze during sunny days.   

St Martins Fete Isles Of Scilly

You can't say no to Neil

The fete is held together by the organising force that is Neil - chair of the Island Hall Committee and when he isn't doing that production manager at Churchtown Farm. There's no known way of saying, 'No,' to Neil. It's not that he is bossy or demanding but more that he deploys phrases like,  - 'could you just ....' , 'it'll be a giggle ......' and 'Oh go on.....' with such amazing effect!  

St Martin's fete Isles Of Scilly

With hopefully around 1000 people to feed, water and entertain preparation began a few months ago.  The farm cold store is not only chilling scented pinks but drinks, sauces and soon to arrive sausages. Mass cake making will also start soon with nearly every kitchen on the island contributing something for the tea tent. 

Not the tunnel of goats

Tunnel of goats?

For any fans of Father Ted who are now mentally drawing comparisons with the Craggy Island fair, stop right there. There are some island based idiosyncrasies but we don't have a tunnel of goats!  Members of the fire crew are traditionally tasked with running the BBQ, the tea tent has custom made cup holders to make pouring tea in the inevitable strong breeze a little easier and everyone's favourite... 

St Martins Fete Isles Of Scilly

Dry(ish) gig race

...dry land gig racing. Crews of 7 compete to navigate a course with 6  'rowers' running backwards under the direction of a cox running forwards, whilst inside a cardboard representation of a gig boat. It all sounds quite simple but after the beer tent has been open a few hours people's ability to move backwards with any speed or elegance is somewhat impeded!
Fingers crossed for no rain on the 21st.   

St Martin's summer fete Scilly Isles

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