Great idea - gift voucher cards

How does it work?

Select a voucher & follow the ordering process.

Your message is typed inside the pretty card.

We post it 1st class to arrive around your selected date.

To redeem a voucher the recipient just follows the clear instructions and contacts us through this website - click here, by email, phone or FREEpost.

We will arrange with them their delivery of Scilly flowers.

Scilly Flowers Gift Vouchers

Our gift vouchers are great....

.... because your friends can choose when their flowers will arrive.

.... if you don't know if someone will be at home to enjoy the flowers.

.... because the card doesn't say how much you have spent. There is a code inside that tells us how many flowers to send.

.... there is no expiry date - whenever it is sent back we will honour it. emergency gifts. We can send some direct to you and you can pass them on.

Gift Boxes Of Scented Flowers

Redeeming a voucher?

Sorry you're on the wrong page.

Let's take you to the correct place so you can enjoy the lovely box of scented flowers that is waiting for you to claim. 

To redeem a voucher click here.

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