St Martin's, Isles of Scilly

St Martin's is one of the smaller islands that make up the Isles of Scilly, 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall. The islands enjoy a frost free climate and are home to a host of exotic plants, colonies of seabirds and rare marine life. Highertown, Middletown and Lowertown make up the three main communities on the island and we have a resident population of about 120 people. Two quays sit at either end of the island and the choice of which quay to use is always dependent on the tides.

Churchtown Farm is in Highertown and as the name suggests is right next to the Church.  There has been a working flower farm at Churchtown for at least 70 years but  a lot of the farm buildings are quite new to cope with the expansion that the farm has enjoyed since 2000.  Tucked behind the tall hedges, that protect the farm from Atlantic gales, is a hive of industry sending gift boxes of island grown scented flowers all over the country. 

St Martin's is 2 miles long and about 1/4 mile wide, with a road that runs from one quay to the other and plenty of footpaths that crisscross the island. The biggest attraction on St Martin's is the stunning scenery, consisting of exotic flora, pristine white sandy beaches and pretty stone cottages. Form Easter to October people come on holiday to enjoy island life but even in the height of summer the island rarely feels crowed and it isn't unusual to have a whole beach to yourself.

Come and have a look...

From October the main flower season gets under way.  We grow flowers all year round but  the Isles of Scilly is particularly famous for growing scented narcissi and we start picking these in October. The narcissi season carries on right through until Easter.  The flowers are grown outdoors in the traditional small fields protected by tall hedges.   Nowhere else in the country can grow flowers so well outdoors all year round and it is because of this that flower farming has flourished on the Isles of Scilly. 

It's not all sand and flowers, St Martin's is a thriving community with plenty of people of all ages and different backgrounds choosing to make their home here. As well as a shop, pub and bakery there is a jewellery studio, a vineyard and salt making business.   If you want to find out more or even start planning a visit there is a wealth of information on our community website .

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