Jobs available at Churchtown Farm

Upcoming vacancies

We are currently looking for people interested in working for Churchtown Farm with flexible starting dates to stay until at least the end of March 2024. 

The positions we have available and how to apply are set out below.


Accommodation is provided in a shared house, there is a statutory weekly deduction per person of £63.70 for a single room or £42.47 each. for a double room.  We can house individuals or couples provided both people work full-time at Churchtown Farm. We don't allow pets but you can often borrow a dog to take on a walk. 


All positions advertised are full time, 40 hours per week over 6 days and your pay will be at least £10.50/hr if you are over 21yrs.

Your initial contract will be for 6 months but there is often scope for this to be extended.

We are very busy in December and March when you might be asked to work longer hours for short periods. Please be aware we don't give leave over the Christmas period.

Jobs currently available

We have vacancies in the following areas of the farm.

Office and shed worker 

Office and shed worker

You will be taking orders for flowers over the phone and processing orders, therefore you must be totally fluent in English and have GCSE English Language grade 5+ / C+ or equivalent. You will also be working in the packing shed processing flowers, packing flower orders and occasionally helping with picking flowers and other general farm work.

Shed worker - flower packer

You will be working mainly in the packing shed grading and packing flowers to fulfil orders. At times you may also have to work with the field team, picking flowers, making hay or general gardening. A reasonable level of spoken English so that you can follow instructions and ask questions is required.

Field worker - flower picker

You will be mostly picking flowers as well as carrying out other fieldwork, such as making hay, cutting hedges and helping look after our small cattle herd. This is all hard physical work and therefore you need to be physically fit. At times you will also be asked to work in the packing shed helping with jobs associated with packing the flowers. A reasonable level of spoken English so that you can follow instructions and ask questions is required.

General information for all jobs

Experience of similar farm or customer service work would be preferable and a clean UK valid driver’s license is of great interest to us but not essential. We also have two holiday cottages so experience of housekeeping is also desirable.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for work at Churchtown Farm please do the following:

a) Have a good look around at our website, find out where the Isles of Scilly are and make sure you have the relevant qualifications. Our induction information for new team members might be useful, click here to read it.
b) Be able to show that you are eligible to work in the UK for at least 6 months. 
c) Email [email protected] with your CV and an introduction explaining why you should be considered for the job. 

We will acknowledge your application within 3 working days as long as the above has been completed. 

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