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We grow scented flowers year round in small fields sheltered from the Atlantic by tall hedges. In the winter we grow the traditional flower crop of the Isles of Scilly, scented narcissi and in the summer we grow scented pinks.

As the flowers come direct from where they are grown outdoors without additional heat or light, not only are you are sending a gift of the freshest flowers for a great price but they’re environmentally friendly flowers too.


Once the details of your order have been checked the delivery label is printed. In our packing shed your flowers are simply but beautifully wrapped only in paper to minimise plastic packaging and placed snugly in a sturdy cardboard box. 


All our flowers are sent by 1st Class Royal Mail. Once packed the flowers are taken by post boat to the main island of St Mary's and then onwards by plane, or occasionally boat, to join the mainland postal network.

Most of our flowers arrive the next day or the day after they leave us but due to our remote location we do occasionally have delays due to weather.  All our flowers are guaranteed so if there is ever a problem with our service please let us know so that we can put it right.


Once the flowers arrive it is crucial that they are trimmed, watered and fed, this makes sure they can be enjoyed for as long as possible. In each box along with your message we pack flower food and flower care instructions. And don’t forget any problems please let us know.

Get a taste of what we do

If you would like to know a bit more please watch our farm video. It's only short but hopefully just long enough for you to get a real feel of where your flowers come from and the magic that is the Isles of Scilly.

Watch our farm video

St Martin’s

And if our farm video has piqued your curiosity and you would like to know more about the small island where we live and work please use the link below to learn more about St Martin’s.  

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