Working at Churchtown Farm

At Churchtown Farm we have a year round mixture of about 18 permanent, part time and seasonal staff. Some staff are locals with their own accommodation, whilst the remainder live in accommodation that we provide here on the farm.

Churchtown Farm is a very successful family run flower farm; we grow scented flowers and post them direct to our customers throughout the year. The farm is situated on St Martin's in the beautiful Isles of Scilly, 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall. It has a permanent population of 110, a general store, a hotel (summer only) and a fish and chip cafe. So you must be happy to live in a small but very friendly, isolated community.

Most seasonal staff come to us for around 6 months starting in either the spring or autumn (although there are always exceptions!). However, over the years many of our seasonal staff have enjoyed living and working on St. Martin's so much that they have extended their contracts for a year or more.

Staff roles typically fall into varying mixtures of the following areas:

1. 'Outside' i.e. A daily variety of jobs working on our farm.

2. 'Shed' i.e. Working inside, tying and packing our postal flowers and associated jobs.

3. 'Office' i.e. Talking directly with our customers on the phone and other office based tasks. Complete fluency in English is essential in this area as is excellent written English.

We try to make sure that all our staff have the opportunity to work in as many areas of the business as possible, in order to increase interest and enable them to talk knowledgeably to our customers.

If no jobs are advertised on the right-hand side of this page and you would like to be considered for future work at Churchtown Farm please have a good look at our web site and then send your CV and a letter of introduction to

'Thank you - we have really enjoyed working in such a beautiful location with such fun friendly people. We have enjoyed exploring and socialising and are very disappointed that we have to leave.' - Shelly and Steve (AUS)


Jobs available:

Sorry we don't have any jobs available at present.

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